My Thyroid and Stress

Thyroid mastery is possible, with a little time, and the right balance of nutrients. As mentioned in the video, our body’s prolonged exposure to stress can seriously hinder the productivity of our thyroid. Basically, our thyroid is responsible for our energy. When we are stressed, our body continuously sends messages demanding more energy output from our thyroid.

Overtime our thyroid can burn-through all the nutrients in our body which are necessary for the increased demand for energy output. After our nutrients are gone, our body doesn’t suddenly realized that our thyroid is on empty. No, instead, once there are no nutrients for the thyroid to actually do its job and our thyroid hormones begin to decrease…

The demand for more energy from my thyroid actually goes up. This special scenario where our thyroid wants to perform and do its job, but can’t. When our body is demanding from our thyroid to produce its magic, but there are no nutrients for our thyroid to work… This stressful situation experienced by our thyroid is what finally breaks-it-down.

Minerals For My Thyroid

The key thing to realize, is that nutritional demands go up when we experience stress of any kind.The interesting thing is, there isn’t a big loud speaker telling us that we are extremely low in vital nutrients necessary for us to feel energized. Only those of us which are very sensitive can understand the body’s subtle messages to us. And even if we understand the body needs something, we don’t really know what exactly it is.

Below is a simple list of nutrients our thyroid needs when we experience stress.


We can get all the Iodine our thyroid needs from seaweed. There are different types of seaweed, experiment with the subtle textural and flavor differences of each to see what kind you like best.


Black Ant Extract, Red Meats and Oysters are great natural sources of Zinc. Of course Zinc supplements are also an option, in which case, we want to look for Zinc Picolinate.


The best way for us to absorb magnesium is actually through our skin. There is something called magnesium oil which greatly boosts our internal magnesium supplies. But as far as foods are concerned Fish and leafy greens are where its at.


Eating just 2 Brazil nuts can give us all the selenium we need on a a daily basis. However if nuts are out of the question, then Eggs, Oysters, Sardines and Liver are great sources too.

Cortisol and My Thyroid

Cortisol is one of the main hormones made when we are under stress. Aside from stress generally weakening our thyroid by increasing the demands for more energy, it can also do a few other things too. For starters, high stress means high cortisol. In our body, Cortisol can do a few things which suppress our thyroid’s efficiency.

1. Cortisol can increase the levels of estrogen in our body, and when estrogen levels increase the amount of usable thyroxine our body decreases. Thyroxine is T4. We need T4  to travel to our liver so our liver can convert T4 into T3. Estrogen Blocks and slows down the amount of T4 to T3 conversion. For you and me, this means less energy, and a slower metabolism.

2. The high cortisol levels from constant stress can also alter how our liver converts T4 into T3. In our body there is such a things called Reversed-T3. Typically we want T3 in our body so that we can experience all magic our thyroid can do for us.

For example our thyroid helps us grow hair, digest our food, keeps our weight stable yet malleable, and keeps us warm and optimistic. However, Cortisol tells our liver to make something Called Reversed-T3. Reversed-T3 doesn’t work the same way as normal T3. Actually it barely works at all. The end result is us feeling sluggish, lack luster and tired.

Medicinal Mushrooms, The Liver And My Thyroid

Medicinal Mushrooms like Chaga Mushroom and Cordyceps mushroom are know for increasing our energy levels. Part of their ability to increase the feeling of our raw energy is by protecting and decongesting our liver.

As mentioned above, our liver is where up to 80% of all thyroid hormone is activated. But if our liver is full and slow, not much thyroid hormones are going to be processes. This leaves us feeling all the effects of hypothyroidism. In short, the cleaner our liver is, the more efficient our body is at experiencing all the benefits of a working thyroid.

Estrogen, DIM And My Thyroid

Because of elevated levels of Estrogen, our body tends to increase a protein called TBG (Thyroxine Binding Globulin). This protein binds onto thyroxin and can lead to a reduced conversion speed. Basically the speed of how fast our body can convert T4 into T3.

So basically we want to make sure that our estrogen levels are not too high. DIM is a natural cruciferous (broccoli, cabbage) extract that can greatly balance the amount of estrogen in our body. Our estrogen levels can rise when we are under stress, take birth control pills or are exposed to pesticides. DIM works with our body to eliminate the excess estrogens that don’t need to be there. When we can balance our estrogens, many of us feel an increase of energy levels and a faster metabolism.

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