Fat Loss and Insulin

Today, most fat loss is controlled by the total quantity of the hormone insulin floating around our body. Its the job of insulin to allow us to absorb our food and truly take it inside our cells.

Stubborn body fat develops as a result of year’s worth of elevated insulin levels. This chronic exposure to insulin leads to a problem called insulin resistance. This essentially means that our body needs to produce a large quantity of insulin to achieve basic benefits.

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In order to truly boost fat loss, we need to correct our insulin imbalance. We can do this with certain natural herbs, and through specialized eating time-frames. The herbs Shilajit resin, Chaga and Cordyceps Mushrooms, Black Cumin Seed Oil and Pine BarkGSE are great herbal supplements with a long history of helping us enhance insulin utilization

Fat Loss With Herbs

Basically these natural herbs mentioned above help re-sensitize our body to insulin. Which means we can get away with using less and less amounts of insulin to do the same tasks. In short, this means we have less quantities of insulin in our body, therefore we can more easily burn fat with Hormone-Sensitive Lipase (mentioned more below).

Furthermore we can help control insulin by limiting our eating time-frame. This means we skip breakfast and dinner only eating in the afternoon. We can eat as much as we want ( ideally not overeating to the point of pain), but when our eating window is closed, then its closed. No snacking.

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Fat Loss And Intermittent Fasting

The popular terminology for this style of eating is called intermittent fasting. If we remember that it’s impossible to burn fat while insulin is coursing through our body, fasting suddenly makes a lot of sense for fat loss.

The point is not counting calories, because calories are not important. We are not just trying to reduce the total number of calories in our diet, instead we are trying to reduce the insulin. The best way to do this is through fasting….or intermittent fasting.

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High fat, low carbohydrate diets, exercise and periodic fasting support the enzyme called hormone sensitive lipase (HSL). If we want to boost fat loss, it’s important to be able to burn the excess fat on our body. HSL is the enzyme our body uses to free-up and prepare our excess body fat for break-down.

Fat Loss and Hormone-Sensitive Lipase

Without the activation of HSL, then our fat will just remain locked in position forever. As mentioned above, we need to engage in physical activity of some kind, and limit how many times in 24hrs we eat. (as a little side note, caffeine also activates HSL. So coffee or tea are perfectly fine to consume when fasting).

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