Boost Testosterone With Shilajit Resin

Any athlete, bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast can really benefit from the far reaching effects of shialit. Colloquially shilajit is know as the builder of health and the destroy of weakness. Really almost anyone stands to gain a lot from adding this prehistoric earth-made supplement to their daily routine.

In studies shilajit was able to naturally increase total and free testosterone by 20-30%. Furthermore shilajit also increased DHEA by 30% too. This is a pretty great result from a totally natural product which has years of use and safety standing behind it.

What make this even better is that luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormone levels remained the same or increased. This represents a progress in the body’s ability to maintain the desired testosterone and other corresponding hormone levels.

However the results are not immediate. On average it can take between 1-3 months of continual use to see the elevated T levels. Regardless of our T levels though, shilajit can still help with muscle mass, endurance and strength while the T levels are increasing. There is also no need to cycle shilajit, which makes it even easier to use.

Of course, testosterone is vitally important for a sculpted body…but it isn’t the be-all and end-all. For a really chiseled body we need our ECM (extracellular matrix) activated as well. There are specific genes that regulate the transformation of our body, and these genes are support by shilajit.

Boost Testosterone with Tongkat Ali

If you really want to feel an almost abrupt shock to your system, then Tongkat Ali is for you.

In studies, this natural supplement was able to boost testosterone between 30-40% in as little as a month. Tongkat Ali is one of the best herbs to really help restore libido, sex drive and that masculine prowl.

Even though this is quite a boost in testosterone, most men experience little to no side effects. Because it one of the most bitter herbs on planet earth, for some it can give mild stomach aches on their first cycle. So we recommend start slowly and with food. Furthermore its a good idea to cycle this herb. This means take it for 5 days and rest for 2 days.

Boost Testosterone with Pine Pollen

For the most Testosterone potent encounter with pine pollen, you will want the tinctured form. But in our experience, we have found that when we stack pine pollen powder with either shilajit or tongkat ali, we get more consistent and balanced results. 

At its basic form, pine pollen powder is a deep nutritive and full body support supplement.

The brassinosteroids in pine pollen can really help to balance and support the hormonal system for both men and women. Plus for those men who have more sensitive prostates, it’s a good idea to incorporate something that will help balance any inflammation that is prostate-prone. Pine pollen can help us out in this are.

Pine pollen powder doesn’t need to be cycled, it can be used safely everyday. But if you decide to use the tinctured form, like tongkat ali, you will need to cycle it — 5 days on and 2 days off.

Which Is The Best?

Ideally you would experiment with each one to truly find the perfect fit for your individual body. But in our experience we have found that we get really good results when we combine Pine Pollen with Shilajit, or Pine Pollen with Tongkat Ali. In other words, Pine Pollen makes for a great foundation that either shilajit or Tongkat can build upon.

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