Out of Control Insulin Leads To Out Of Control Acne

Acne is a thing of the past… Kind of. It all depends on us. Essentially we have learn about the primary link and cause of Acne— Insulin. No matter the type of acne, the primary solution is the same. We mainly need to focus on 3 things:

1) How much insulin is being produced from my diet?

2) How balanced are my hormone levels, especially my Estrogen and Testosterone?

3) What am I eating the my body doesn’t really like or is reacting to?

Remember that sugary things spike insulin the most. Try and limit how often you eat carbohydrates including fruit. Also it’s important to realize that your body may be good at producing estrogen and testosterone. But Insulin can disrupt how they work in our body. This is just another reason to control our insulin.

Your Acne Could Be An Allergy

Allergies are more than just itchy eyes, runny nose and constant sneezing. Our body has many ways of showing us what it likes and doesn’t like. You need to see if your acne is actually an allergic reaction to something in your diet. Common food allergies for acne include, but are not limited to:

Sugar, Alcohol, Fruit, Bread, Milk, Egg, Cheese, vegetables, Nuts, Seeds and Seafood.


DIM And Chaga Mushroom For Acne

To make it simple there are 2 supplements which can help balance both, our insulin and hormones. The first is actually a Mushroom called Chaga, and the second is an extract from Cruciferous (broccoli) veggies call DIM.

Together they start supporting our hormone levels and reduce the chaos of too much insulin. Chaga supports our insulin sensitivity, which means our body won’t need to produce so much of it.  DIM helps remove excess estrogen from our body. Insulin tells our body to put on weight (fat), and fat secretes extra estrogen which makes us gain more weight (fat). DIM helps break this cycle.



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