Stomach Ulcer Mastery

Stomach ulcer problems can definitely make life difficult. Fortunately, healing a stomach ulcer is very possible. with time and a little know how, we can change the way our stomach works for the rest of our lives.

If  we stick to better food combinations, and try our best to avoid inflaming foods. Our stomach health will improve over time, and we’ll be just fine. 

Stomach Ulcer And H.Pylori (helicobacter Pylori)

There is a little germ called H. Pylori which can burrow inside the nooks and crannies of our stomach. While making itself at home, the little germ creates a lot of inflammation and irritation along the walls of our stomach. Over time, this irritation creates sores which can become bleeding ulcers.

Not surprisingly, this little germ is responsible for the bulk cases of ulcers worldwide. It is estimated that 50% of every adult on planet earth has H.Pylori living inside their stomach… destroying their digestion, their health and life.

Natural Supplements that Kill H.pylori


1) Chewable DGL Licorice Root tablets.

2) Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil.

3) Organic Green Tea.

4) Matula tea.

5) Olive Leaf Extract.



Mucin And A Stomach Ulcer

Mucin is basically mucus… That slippery, slimy stuff that drains from our nose. Our stomach should also produce good quantities of that slippery stuff too. In our stomach, Mucin is a protective barrier. We must have a thick mucin secretion to protect the walls of our stomach from the harsh acids melting our food.

colitis mucosa

When we have an ulcer, we want good mucin secretion. The Mucin will help protect our stomach ulcer from the harsh acids, plus lubricate our ulcer so our food is less likely to irritate the raw skin of our stomach.

Supplements That Support Mucin

Herbal Supplements

Chewable DGL Licorice Root tablets.

Purified Shilajit Resin

Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil

Cayenne Pepper


Amino Acid Supplements

L Threonine

L Proline

L Serine

L Cysteine

A Stomach Ulcer Need Minerals

Purified shilajit resin is a natural mineral supplement. When we have any injury to our body, such as a stomach ulcer, our body needs and burns-through more minerals. Mineral are the supporting material for our little chemical factories pumping out energy and health inside our body.

Typically, stomach ulcers reduce the amount of minerals we absorb. This means slower healing time, and longer burning, stinging discomfort. What makes shilajit unique as a mineral supplement, is its ability to by-pass a broken digestive system. One of the fastest ways to support an ulcer, is with Shilajit Resin.


Inflammation And Our Stomach Ulcer

If you listen to almost anyone, they will say inflammation is at the heart of our sickness and disease… ulcers are no exception. We really need to work on the overall inflammatory state of our body as a whole. Fortunately there is a medicinal mushroom called Chaga, which is known for calming inflammation of our stomach… Gastritis

Chaga mushroom as been used all around the world for its health-promoting effects for hundreds if not thousands of years. One of Chaga’s primary benefits is actually regarding the health of our digestive tract.

Along our digestive tract, lives the bulk of our immune system. Now any time there is mild inflammation, an un-educated immune system can make the “mild” into severe.

Chaga mushroom works with the intelligence of our immune system and actually modifies the behavior. Ultimately this modification leads to a reduction in the severity of inflammation. This allows our body to recover faster, have more energy, and be better protected in the future.

Learn More About

Organic Black Cumin Oil

Chaga Mushroom Extract

Shilajit Resin

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