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Wild Black Ant Extract Powder

Black Ant is used for its ability to build, and restore confidence, drive, willpower, strength and endurance. These feelings of wellbeing are come from black Ant’s influence on sex hormones,* the inflammatory response,* the immune response,* and through the promotion of DNA and RNA activation.*

Benefits Of Ant Extract

Boosts male and female libido*

Supports male and female fertility*

Accelerated wound healing*

Increased stamina and endurance*

Supports chronic fatigue*

Supports mental focus*

Promotes hormone balance*

Supports DNA and RNA expression*

Soothes rheumatic aches and pain*

Promotes joint comfort*

Buffers gout flares*

Supports bone density*

Supports thymus gland and Immune Intelligence*

Bidirectional Immune system modulation*

Strengthening kidneys and adrenal glands*

Supports liver function*

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3 oz

Suggested Use

Start with 1/4 of a teaspoon, and build to 1/2 teaspoon 1-2 times per day. Black Ant easily mixes with your favorite beverage or smoothie.


Our Black Ant powder is created from hand picked wild black ants living in the Guangxi Province of China.


Wild Black Ant 10:1 Extract.


Do not take black ant if you are allergic to shell fish as black ant may cause a similar response.


Non GMO maltodextrin (added to transform the liquid extract into a powder).

Is this Powder really ants?

Yes it is. But you won’t find antennas or legs because this is an extract powder of ants. Basically really fine granules. 

How is the powdered extract made?

The ants are put into boiling water to make a strong decoction. This is boiled down and dried through a centrifugal drying process so that a powder remains. A small amount of maltodextrin is also used in the drying process. As a 10:1 extract, about 22 pounds of ants are used to yield 1 pound of finished extract.

Do you add any bulking agents to your powder?

No. Aside from the maltodextrin added for drying purposes (about 10%), there are no other ingredients, fillers or bulking agents used. 

Are your ants farmed raised?

No. Our ants are harvested from the wild in the Guangxi province of China. The benefit of wild ants is that their mineral and nutritional content can far exceed that of farmed raised ant.

What does ant powder taste like? 

Ant powder tastes like dirt sprinkled with a little bit of margarita mix. Its not that bad, you can get used to it pretty quick just like the first time you ever tried beer..

What’s the best way to take ant powder?

Blend it into your favorite smoothy. Or just be a man and eat it directly, then wash it down with water.

Should I take ant on an empty stomach?

You potentially can absorb more of the nutrients if you take it with a meal. But on an empty stomach is just fine too.

Are ants safe to eat?

Yes, insects are a natural food group. Just turn on the travel channel and you will see a large majority of the human population regularly consume insects. However, we don’t recommend going into your back yard and eating ants. 

Are ants suitable for Vegans?

No. Ants belong to the animal kingdom. But we know several vegans who are body builders that regularly supplement with ants. Its best to make your own decision.

What are the benefits of black ant?

The most consistent benefit is noticeable energy. Throughout history ant products have always be spoken about as being physical stimulators. So because of the stimulating aspect, primarily athletes and men looking to master the bedroom have gravitated toward ant extract.

When is the best time to use ant extract?

Just before or after your work out. The ant energy is an excellent boost for your performance in the gym.















  1. leeta421

    I mixed black ant with tongkat ali and could not stop thinking about sex.. too powerful for me.

  2. existentiallyexisting

    I was curious, I mean, ants?! I took this for the first time today, and took about a fourth of a teaspoon, straight into my mouth with no mixers or juice, nada. Let me say, hey, it doesn’t taste bad at all, to me. Felt like I was eating some ancient superfood from the earth with my local tribe, and I’ll do it again, and again. Because boy I had a clear, not jittery sustained fountain of ability to check every box on my to-do list for the day. I remember after accomplishment had set in thinking, I feel great. Thanks Vimirth and thank you little ants…

  3. chad7719

    Tastes like dirt, but mixes fine with vanilla protein. I am not sure if I feel energy, but I can say I last longer in bed.

  4. musclexmuscle97

    Definitely energy I can feel right away.. and I last longer.

  5. rogerpagereader1

    Used this product while working overnights. Keeps me energized.

  6. johnwilliams00

    after you get over the thought of eating ants, I can tell a difference in my mood and productivity. Interesting product. I will continue to use.

  7. dragonmarket

    Sexual wise my partner loves how long I last in bed and the strength I gain when we have our alone time in the room. Idk if I’m just imagining things but I and my partner notices that I gain more blood pump and thickness in my penis. So that makes it a 5 star for me!

  8. eelliiaahh

    I take this for energy, immunity, sexual vitality, and deep nourishment. I’ve purchased it several times. Very good effects, priced well — I am grateful.

  9. samiamtheman

    Every athlete needs collagen, fats, aminos and now ants in their routine. I was skeptical at first of course, but definitely ants really gave me more energy for more reps. Plus, its funny conversation.. “yo what supps are take’n? ants. Ants!?! hahah… anyways see for your self.

  10. mikezigglow56

    Awesome. I feel stronger.

  11. ryanjacobs454

    Not bad. I feel the hype is a little overstated. I can say I feel less fatigued after my workouts.

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