Erection Perfection And Your Satisfaction

Erection power can be boosted, and maintained with the right nutrients. With a little patience, and the right knowledge. You can be back at your best, and even better than your best.

Pine BarkGSE For Stronger Harder Erections

Pine Bark Extract supports our entire cardio-vascular system, and our ability to get a strong erection. The blood flow to our penis is in-part dependent on the physical-walls of our blood vessels, and the release of Nitric Oxide to expand our blood vessels. There are various toxins in our environment that can create little lesions to form on our blood vessels which cause inflammation.

This inflammation reduces blood flow, which is never good for our ability to get strong erections. The powerful blend of antioxidants in Pine Bark Extract help protect the health and longevity of our blood vessels. This protection helps mitigate the amount of inflammation that can occur within our body.

Furthermore the specific polyphenols (antioxidants) in Pine Bark Extract stimulate our cells to to release nitric oxide. Nitric Oxide is one of the main signaling molecules in our body that helps produce our strongest erection. In short, Pine BarkGSE is great for supporting masculine sexual health.

Black Ant Extract For Better Masculine Erections

Black Ant supports our Dopamine. This is very important, because as men we need a healthy dopamine environment for erections to happen. First of all, Black Ant is known for its ability to help restore confidence, willpower, drive, ambition, and sometimes fearlessness. These are all quintessential traits of a masculine man— all of which can help overcome impotency. Secondly, dopamine helps trigger the neural pathways of our body necessary for erections.

For the more advanced students in human anatomy, these pathways are:

1) The paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus.

2) The pro-erectile sacral parasympathetic nucleus within the spinal cord

Pine Pollen And Strong Erections

As mentioned in the video, our prostate can have a big influence on the potency of our erections. Essentially, if our prostate hypertrophies (grows bigger), then this enlargement can alter the quantity of anything traveling by it (blood, urine, lymph, neural messages etc.). Therefore it would be a good idea to nourish our prostate.

Pine Pollen contains plant-hormones called Brassinosteroids (Bra-sin-o-ster-oids). In nature, these plant-hormones help regulate a multitude of processes. One of their main roles is to help regulate growth. Fortunately for us, they can also work similarly inside our body too. Overgrowth of anything in our body is a bad thing, and when our prostate overgrows, as men we suffer.

Pine pollen has been used by both men and women for hundreds of years specifically for its ability to nourish our reproductive system—  and prostate too. Pine Pollen has multiple other benefits and nutrients all of which coalesce to help men have consistently strong erections.

Relationship Issues That Kill Your Strong Erection

Aside from the physiological problems that can occur which block or inhibit our erections, there are also relational/psychological environments that diminish our masculine energy— of course this has a direct impact on our sexuality. The most common context is your relationship to your partner.

1) Feeling disconnected from your partner.

2) Misunderstood

3) Reproached more than praised.

4) Feeling un-respected

If you have psychological/relational concerns, then even with a healthy body, a strong erection will be difficult to achieve. Your first concern should be the estrangement between you and your partner. You must work together to overcome the issues causing the mental, emotional and spiritual separation.

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