Beautiful Skin Glows In The Light

Beautiful skin is your gift. Regardless of any skin ‘issue’ such as acne, rosacea or whatever, your skin can still be beautiful. Our skin has been designed to produce an attractive glow. The glow that we are talking about is created when light interacts with a well  structured underlying dermis (skin).

We Refract Light

The dermis is kind of the middle layer of our skin, and with the correct nutrients can have light-refracting capabilities.

Light Refraction is where a material will bend the light ray, instead of reflecting it away. The pigment in our skin is what bends the light.

beautiful skin refraction

We Also Reflect Light.

Our skin can also reflect light. This means that when a ray of light makes contact with our skin, the direction of light will be changed.

Our skin’s natural oil is what helps reflect the light, and give us a beautiful radiance.

beautiful skin reflection

Nutrition Is The Secret To Beautiful Skin

As long as we properly feed and nourish our skin, it will be more luster-full than ever before. We need to focus on Collagen, Sulfur, and the vitamins A, C, E, and B.

Together they work to build our collagen and elastin networks; stimulate ceramides to boost moisture; and control the amount of oil. Remember oil isn’t bad, it helps keep the wrinkles away.

beautiful skin collagen

Rememeber That Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

Remember to always love yourself regardless of what you think your skin looks like. True beauty comes from within and is a manifestation of your heart, your mind, your kindness and your love towards others. Thanks for reading, we appreciate who you are, your time, energy and your life. xoxo

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