Acne-Free skin with Vitamin B5

Acne prone skin can be healed faster with vitamin B5. Vitamin B5 is used in our body to create regulatory compounds like Ceramide. In other words, this means that our skin will be more balanced.

These regulatory compounds work with the natural life-cycles of our skin. Ceramides stimulate our skin cells to grow, divide, and eventually self-destruct. This is all part our skin’s normal and healthy life-cycles.

Vitamin B5 Heals Our Skin

So when our skin is inflamed, and we are experiencing the typical acne lesion (of any kind). Vitamin B5 comes along, and helps expedite the whole process. Essentially with the help of vitamin B5, our skin’s barrier doesn’t want to allow, or give the time to be compromised with acne. Our skin wants to be strong, and with no inflammation.

How Much B5 To Use For Acne?

The goal is to build up to 5 grams every day. The typical amount of Vitamin B5 found in the store is about 5oomg per-capsule. This means we will use about 10 capsules everyday to reach our goal of 5 grams.

Always take B5 with food, and never on an empty stomach. Also, its good to include a general B-Vitamin complex while using higher amounts of B5.

How Long To Use B5?

We typically won’t expect to see big results until after a month of daily use. Start reducing your use of B5 to give your body a break after 2 months of daily use. This is regardless if you see a change or not. Some individuals can see improvements in as little as 5 days, for others it can be 3 months.

Will B5 Work for Everyone’s Acne?

The honest answer is no. Some of us will have greater difficulties clearing our skin of acne. We need to really look at the foods we are regularly eating to see if our acne lesions are connected to a food or ingredient.

The typical allergens are dairy, sugar and low fat items like protein isolate…. Basically any food that causes a spike in insulin. 

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