Grow Hair Like Never Before

Grow hair faster, thicker, dencer and with more luster than ever before. Glossy beautiful hair is the culmination of minerals and proteins working together. When our body has the proper nutrition, it is able to produce the best possible hair our genes and epigenetics will allow. To keep it simple, we are only going focus on 2 minerals, 2 proteins and 1 fat.

The main types of cells that work together for growing our hair are called:

Dermal Papilla Cells – These cells are at the base of every hair and help nourish the shaft

Stem Cells – Stem cells help the hair grow, and can repair damage.

Matrix Cells – Matrix cells create and hold the roots of our hair on our head

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DHA Omega 3 for Glossy Beautiful Hair

DHA is a healthy fat commonly called Omega 3 Fatty Acid. Omega 3s are probably the world’s most popular healthy fats, and are most known for their brain-boosting benefits. However, DHA is also excellent for hair growth. In our body, DHA behaves as an anabolic steroid for the cells that grow our hair.

Best Source of DHA.. Animal VS Plant

While many nuts and seeds are great sources of Omega 3s, they are not as strong when it comes to growing glossy beautiful hair. Physically, animal (fish) DHA omega 3 fatty acids are longer and have more bonds than their vegetable counterparts.

This physical difference allows a little extra power when it comes to promoting the growth and development of our body… especially our hair. further more, the best research and results are achieved using only animal DHA. In short, if you want glossy beautiful hair, eat more cold-water fish, or use a DHA supplement.

Grow Hair With Silica And Keep It

Silica is a vital mineral for growing strong and long-lasting hair. Furthermore, silica is that special mineral which allows our hair to glisten in light. Healthy hair is not only sturdy, but also has the capability of reflecting bands of light. This light-reflective quality is what most of us actually associate with beautiful hair.

Silica Fights Premature Hair Shedding

Our hair has several phases of growth. Part of our hair’s natural growth cycle, is to lose various strands of hair daily…. we all know this. But frequently our body creates extra amounts of inflammatory compounds which prematurely switches the growing phase into the shedding phase.

When this abrupt phase shift happens, we can lose a significant amount of hair and become bald in patches, or all over. But, Silica can fight this phase shift. Silica is able to reduce the amount of the inflammatory compound by as much as 50%. This reduction of inflammation allows our hair’s growth cycle to last longer. Longer growth cycles mean stronger hair, thicker hair and glossier hair.

Grow Hair With Even More Luster

Sulfur work together with silica and boosts our hair’s ability to dance in light. Further more Sulfur increases the tensile strength of our hair. This strengthening allows our hair to resist, for longer periods of time, the typical weathering agents. We are talking about styling, heating, blowdrying, straightening, and bleaching.

Sulfur Supports Keratin formation

Sulfur fortifies the main building block of our hair called keratin. Keratin is a protein which comprises about 90% of our hair. Our hair is actually healed together with sulfur bonds. In short, the stronger our keratin is, the stronger our hair is and the more it can standup to abuse.

Get Your Sulfur from MSM

MSM is a white powder and a natural sulfur supplement. It’s commonly used to support joints, ligaments, tendons, skin, overall health, and for growing glossy beautiful hair. We want to look for loose powder versions of OPTI-MSM. In other words, for best results, avoid tablets and pills

Grow Hair As Dence As You Can

As mentioned above, collagen supports the roots of our hair by forming the ECM (extra cellular matrix). The ECM is what our body uses to anchor our hair to our heads.

Furthermore the ECM is also the medium through which the nutrition for our hair flows. When we incorporate premium collagen supplements into our diet, like Agglomerated Collagen, we are able to support and stimulate the cells of our body which actually make our ECM.

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