Hair Loss And The Demodex Bug

Hair Loss sucks, and is often caused by little bugs. Demodex are little hair mites which are quite normal, and most of us have them. Periodically they can over populate our scalp, and infest our hair follicles. When our hair follicles become congested with demodex, the nutrient supply for our hair also becomes congested.

This congestion causes inflammation, and the inflammation tells our body to shed our hair. We go from the growing hair phase, to the hair loss phase. Not only will we lose hair, but over time any new hair we grow will become thinner and thinner.


Fortunately we can easily take control of the demodex on our scalp. We need to make a simple oil solution. Then then use it every day for a couple months. This oil solution will gradually kill the demodex, and stimulate our hair to remain in the growing phase for longer periods ot time.

To make the oil solution we need 2 oils: Peppermint oil, and your favorite carrier oil. Your carrier oil could be JoJoba oil, Olive oil, Argan oil or Coconut oil.

hair loss demodex

3% Peppermint oil to 97% Carrier oil

We only need a 3% peppermint oil solution mix. This means that 97% of your demodex killing solution will be made with the carrier oil. Once your solution has been mixed, apply about 1 teaspoon of the solution everyday about 1 hour before you take a shower.

Buffer Stress To Reduce Hair Loss

Any type of stress is bad for our hair, and just to be clear, the stressor is the object which induces physical strain. A stressor may be biological (infection), physical (external force, extreme environment), chemical (medicine, alcohol), or psychological (sadness, or arguments).

Our hair follicles are very sensitive to stress. Essentially, stress causes a degradation of the hair follicle itself. This degradation prematurely causes a phase shift to happen with our hair. In other words, our hair’s active and growing phase shifts into the dying phase.

Over time, such abrupt disruption in the growing phase will make our hair grow thinner and thinner until it’s too thin to see. Eventually it will completely disappear.

Modify Stress Response Reduce Hair Loss

‘Adaptogen’ is a particular word used to describe a specific quality of herbs. This quality means that the herb works predominately with our stress response, and modifies it. Typically when we experience a stressor, our body releases a steroid called cortisol.

Cortisol actually helps our body with many things and allows us to progress in life. But, when our body over-produces cortisol, there can be unintended consequences. In this particular context, too much cortisol pumping throughout our body means accelerated hair loss.

Herbal Adaptogens buffer Cortisol

Powerful adaptogens like Rhodiola, Siberian Ginseng, Cordyceps and Chaga Mushroom work with and support our body. They support our cortisol levels, and help buffer any negative consequences that are associated with elevated cortisol levels… like hair loss. All around the world, master herbalist recommend adaptogens above all else.

Hormones and Hair loss

Probably most of the world knows that too many androgenic (male) hormones pumping through the body leads to hair loss. Its important to realize that just like cortisol, androgens are equally important for our health.

Nevertheless, for the best hair ever, we need to make sure our male hormones are not behaving badly. We can help buffer and balance our hormones by using supplements designed to slow-down a process called aromatization.

The word aromatization means that our body is converting a hormone like testosterone into a more powerful type of testosterone called DHT. DHT in our body will deactivate certain hair follicles (typically on our head). The deactivation of course stops hair growth, or at least greatly slows it down. Eventually we will become hairless in various spots, or across our entire scalp.

2 Powerful supplements for Buffering Hormones

Both men and women can benefit from a supplement called DIM. DIM is an extract made from broccoli. In our body, DIM behaves as a mild aromatase inhibitor. This is great for women, but some men may need stronger buffers. A stronger hormone buffer is Stinging Nettle Root Extract, Or Pine Pollen Extract. These stronger buffers have a more powerful aromatase inhibitor called Beta-Sitosterol.

Hormone Buffers Can Be Used Indefinitely

Typically anytime we start a new supplement of any kind, we should cycle on and cycle off the supplement. Our body has natural rhythms and fluctuations. This means that we DO NOT need the same amount of supplement at the same time, everyday. Instead, its better to cycle on the supplement for a week, and then cycle off for a week. .. Repeat as necessary.

Stop Hair Loss

1. Kill the hair mites called demodex:

peppermint and/or castor oil

2. Buffer Stress  and the HPA axis 

Siberian Ginseng, Rhodiola, Rehmannia

3. Buffer sugar/hormones

DIM for women, or Stinging nettle for men.

Hair Life Cycle

1. Anagen (growth phase)

This phase provides nourishment of hair follicle via blood supply and enables hair growth.

2. Catagen (transition phase)

In this phase the hair follicle begins to detache from blood supply.

3. Telegen (resting phase/loss)

Without nourishment the hair dies and falls out. End of story.

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