What Is Sibo?

Sibo (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) is a condition that means there are too many bacteria living in our small intestine. Typically our small intestine should have very little bacteria growing inside.

Of course we do need probiotics (bacteria), but we want them growing inside our colon (large intestine). Bacteria growing in the correct place, offers countless health benefits. Its only when they are out of balance do we feel the discomfort.

What Are The Symptoms of Sibo?

There can be a lot of possible symptoms associated with sibo. The type of symptoms experienced really depends on your unique body constition. But the most common symptoms are bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, and food interlerance (allergies).

sibo symptoms

Stop The Symptoms With The Elemental Diet

The Elemental diet is one of the easiest remedies for Sibo that actually works. Essentially the Elemental diet consists of only eating the meal-replacement-formula for 1-3 weeks. Or until the symptoms of Sibo subside.

The Elemental formula has been specifically designed for individual who have very weak, or sensitive digestive systems. It’s also available in vegetarian, and non-vegetarian varieties.

elemental diet sibo

This type of diet helps eleminate the symptoms associated with sibo becuase it starves the bacteria. Fortunately it doesn’t starve us, it still provides us with the vitamins, protein, minerals and fat we need on a daily basis. The best thing about the Elemental diet is that it takes all the guess work away.  We eat the formula when we are hungy, and that’s it.

The Carnivore Diet Is Arguably The Best Diet For Sibo

Similarly to the Elemental diet, the Carnivore diet helps eliminate the symptoms of Sibo by starving the bacteria. Plus if you’re a meat eater, then you will definitely feel happy and satisfied after meals. Plus, the Carnivore diet stimulates  a lot bile, which is our magic bullet against Sibo infection. More about bile below.

carnivore diet sibo

As the name suggests, the carnivore diet means you will only be eating animal foods. Foods like whole eggs, steak, pork, chicken thighs, and organ meats too. Typically one goes on the Carnivore diet for 1-3 weeks to help eliminate Sibo, and not just the symptoms. We are talking complete remission.

Bile Is Our Magic Bullet Against Sibo Infection

Bile is a digestive aide produced in our liver, and stored in our gallbladder. In chemistry there is a category of compounds called Amphipathic molecules. Our bile belongs to this Amphipathic category. What this means for you and me, is that bile is capable of mixing fats with water. And this is where the magic is regarding the destruction of Sibo.

As it turns out, Bile is very toxic to bacteria. The same principals that allow bile to mix water and oils, also destroy the outer membrane of bacterial cells. Every time our gallbladder releases concentrated bile, the bacteria have 2 options: Run or Die.

Which Foods help Us Make And Release The Most Bile?


Ideally a good amount of bile is released when we eat food. But of course, this doesn’t always happen.

As it turns out, our body doesn’t release the same amount of bile with every meal. What stimulates the most bile release is animal fats. Specifically long-chain fatty acids.

red meat vimirth

If you remember reading above, I gave specific examples of foods to eat for the Carnivore diet. Those foods are naturally great sources of long-chain fatty acids and stimulate the most bile release. In short, bile is what our body makes to not only absorb fat-soluble vitamins, but also sanitize our small intestine with every meal. Sibo has no idea whats coming.

Betaine HCL Helps Stimulate Bile Release

Producing sufficient stomach acid for each meal is another great way to stimulate bile. In fact we must have an acidic stomach in order to signal the release of bile. The acid in our stomach is also necessary for extracting the minerals and proteins necessary for creating bile. Learn more about the benefits of Betaine HCL here.

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