Biofilms And Your Sore Throat Frequency

Sore Throat issues are often caused by a biofilm. A biofilm is an organized cluster of bacterial cells. They put their chemical machinery to work, and construct something which we call a biofilm. The biofilm is a structure that protects and serves as a home for whatever type of fungi or bacterial cells happen to be living inside.

Often times pathogenic-bacteria construct  biofilms in our mouth. The biofilms form these pathogenic bacteria can periodically break off, and subsequently cause an inflammatory reaction from our immune cells. We experience this reaction as a sore throat.

biofilm sore throat

Probiotics Destroy Biofilms

We can naturally fight biofilms with probiotic in the mouth. When we take a probiotic blend of at least 8 different strains of bacteria, and then allow the probiotics to slowly dissolve in our mouths. We can greatly increase the ratio of healthy to pathogenic bacteria. The healthy bacteria don’t like the pathogenic biofilms just as much as us. The only difference is, the healthy probiotics have the ability to fight and break-down the pathogenic biofilm.

Probiotics also happen to increase our natural capacity for tolerating almost whatever food-stuff we put in our mouths. The word tolerance in this case means that food will not activate an immune response, but instead increase our ability to accept and digest the nutrients (if any). In almost any situation, using  probiotics are a great way to enhance our health and sore throat

Best Tea For Soothing A Sore Throat

Gelatin Tea creates an emollient-rich film that reduces the coarseness/rawness of a sore throat. This coating almost brings about instant relief. We can upgrade the Gelatin Tea by using an herbal-tea as the hot-liquid base, instead of just hot water. Using herbal teas like chaga tea, elderberry tea, green tea or whatever will greatly expedite the recovery process.

How To Make Jellow Tea

Mix 1-1/2 cups of hot water, with 1 tablespoon of your favorite jello. The tea is ready to drink instantly because we want to drink the mixture while it is still hot. But be careful, don’t burn yourself.

Chaga Mushroom All-Winter-Long 

Often times our sore throat can be caused by the common cold virus… either Coronavirus, Rhinovirus or influenza. However, these viruses also happen to have a natural enemy, which also happens to be our friend… It’s called Chaga Mushroom. Chaga Mushroom is one of our best defenses against attacks from such viruses. 

This mushroom concentrates a natural anti-viral compound called betulin, or betulinic acid. Betulinic acid helps give our body an overwhelming advantage against these pesky irritants. Sometimes because of the added boost we get from this mushroom, we can even go all winter long without suffering a cold.

A Sore Throat And Black Cumin Seed Oil

Finally there just happens to be an amazing oil called Black Cumin See Oil which seems to be specifically designed by nature to sooth and nourish our sore throats. Black cumin seed oil has a natural anti-inflammatory component called thymoquinone.

Our throats absolutely love thymoquinone. Black cumin oil is an excellent soothing agent for laryngitis, pharyngitis, and tonsillitis. basically if our throat aches, we need to get on black cumin seed oil fast.

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