Heart Health And Rhythm 

We need specific electrolytes (minerals) to support normal pulsations of our heart. The electrolyte Calcium is used to contract the muscles of our heart, and the electrolyte Magnesium is used to relax the muscles of our heart.

Furthermore the electrolyte Potassium is used to support and feed the pacemaker-cells of our heart. The pacemaker cells control the rate of our heart’s pulsation. In short, we can have a happier and stronger heart if we give it the electrical-minerals it desires.

One of the world’s best mineral and Electrolyte supplements is called Shilajit Resin. You can learn even more about shilajit resin by following the link below.

Energy Production Is Key

Of course our heart cells need energy to maintain continual pulsations. In order for our energy centers in the heart to work, we need  something called Ubiquinol and its counter parts Alpha Pyrones.

These 2 compounds work together within every cell of our body in a special place called the Mitochondria. The mitochondria are the energy factories which give every cell in our body the fuel it needs in order to live… especially our heart. 

Essentially the Alpha Pyrones help keep our ubiquinol and ultimately our mitochondria working in tip-top shape. In other words: healthy mitochondria give our heart all the energy it needs for our daily life. Shilajit Resin is a natural source of Alpha Pyrones. You can learn more about Shilajit by following the link below.

Balance Blood Pressure For Heart Health

 Essentially NO (nitric oxide) is used in our bodies to dilate our blood vessels, and ultimately this dilation gives our body better control over its own blood-presser.

No matter where the pressure needs to be modified, whether its the main artery of our entire body called the aorta, or some small capillary feeding our eye. Our blood vessels produce NO to maintain constant and comfortable blood pressure and in this way relieves pressure off of our heart. 

We can help our blood vessels produce efficient NO with a certain supplement called PineBark GSE. PineBark GSE is extremely rich in something called a flavonoid. Our bodies can use these flavonoids to boost and  support our natural NO production.

Remember, when our blood vessels can appropriately dilate, this saves our heart form useless and redundant work loads. You can learn more about PineBark GSE by following the link bellow.  

Heart Health And  Plaque Formation

Sugar and Ultimately insulin resistance the biggest risk factor for troubles with our heart. firstly Non-balanced sugar destroys our eyes, our nervous system, our kidneys and our cardiovascular system.

Essentially sugar burns holes and causes inflammatory reactions within our arteries. Subsequently our body patches up the wholes with bandaids made from fibrin, cholesterol, and calcium. Eventually these bandaids can buildup on one another and cause a blockage within an artery.

Immune cells see this blockage and try to destroy it but, as is often the case, they just make the problem worse by increasing the amount of inflammation. In short, this plaque requires the heart to work harder in order to move the same amount of blood… this obviously weakens the heart over time.

Remember, Sugar is at the center of the problem. If we can buffer our blood sugar, then we will experience less inflammation within our arteries. 

One of the best blood sugar buffers is called chaga mushroom. Essentially chaga mushroom supports insulin sensitivity, blood sugar spikes, and promotes an overall lower blood sugar. You can learn more about chaga mushroom by following the link bellow.

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