Collinsonia Root For Hemorrhoid Reduction

Hemorrhoids are part of our Mucosal tissues. Essentially we have mucosal tissues from our mouth to our anus. When our mucosal tissues become inflamed, we are at a greater risk for developing hemorrhoids.

This is where Collinsonia Root can greatly help us. Traditionally this herb has always been used to reduce the inflammation in our mucosal tissues. Therefore the most practical and successful uses of this herb has been with Gastritis, Sore throats, Laryngitis, Hemorrhoids, Varicose Veins, and Constipation.

Remember that hemorrhoids are places of inflammation. We need to reduce the inflammation to sooth the pain, stop the bleeding, and ideally completely recover. Collinsonia Root just may be that missing link that can help sooth those bothersome hemorrhoids away.

It’s very easy to use. You can make a tea with it, or just take it in pill form. Just following the directs on the package or bottle.Of course consult your healthcare provider before making any dietary or life style changes. We don’t sell this herb, but we recommend the company called Standard Process.

Hemorrhoid Creams For The Itch, Burn And Sting

Most hemorrhoid don’t actually heal the the hemorrhoid. Instead they help reduce the general discomfort and annoyance throughout the day. When Looking for a cream, try and pick one with more zinc. The zinc can really help speed up the healing process if you have any fissures (cuts) around the anus. This alone bring great relief for many people.

There is a good cream we like called Mayinglong. It’s a traditional Chinese herbal medicine specifically for hemorrhoids. Mayinglong is mainly a combination of zinc, animal, and plant extracts like rosemary, pine sap, and pearl. For many, this cream can actually start reducing the size of hemorrhoids. As the size gets smaller, the pain also start to go away. We don’t sell the cream, but you can find it on the internet.

Probiotics For Hemorrhoid Inflammation

Hemorrhoids are localized places of inflammation. We need to reduce the inflammation in our gut, so that our body has a chance to heal. Probiotics are masters in promoting our gut health. Specifically they can help reduce gut inflammation by encouraging our body produce Antioxidants.

probiotis hemorrhoids

Our body has a genetic pathway called NRF2. This pathway is how we can make our own antioxidants. Probiotics actually boost and stimulate this specific pathway. When we have more antioxidants in our body, our inflammation automatically goes down. Not to mention, probiotics are also recommended for almost every gastrointestinal problem you can think of.

nrf2 hemorrhoids

We recommend every periodically use soil-based probiotics to help keep the gut in balance. You can learn more about soil-based probiotics below.

The Carnivore Diet For Hemorrhoid Problems.

As mentioned above, we need to control our body’s inflammatory response. Many of us have food sensitivities that we don’t know about. These food sensitivities are major contributors of a lot of inflammation in our body. In plants, there are compounds called Saponins, Lectins and Alkaloids. These are actually produced by the plant as part of its defense mechanisms.

So in some of us, we are more susceptible to inflammatory responses when we eat them.Eliminating all plants from the diet from 1-3 months is a great way to reduce inflammation and reset the body. Especially for inflammatory conditions of our gut, an all meat diet is very beneficial. The Carnivore diet is an example of such an all meat diet.

Carnivore diet hemorrhoids

Once on the carnivore diet for 1-3 months, we will have a much better understanding of which fruits or vegetables disrupt our body. Fruits and Vegetables are not bad, we just need to find which produce works best for our body. And the carnivore diet is the easiest way to figure out what our body thrives on.

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Soil-Based Probiotics For

We Recommend Megasporebiotic for soil-based probiotics:

-Supports Gut Diversity

-Promotes Antioxidant Creation

-Supports Healthy Inflammatory Response



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