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Coronavirus Stopped By Terpenes

Coronavirus does not like terpenoids. Terpenoids are almost ubiquitous compounds which can be found in fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, leaves and bark. These wonderful compounds are very potent antivirals. Now the obvious question is: if terpenes are such potent antivirals… and it’s almost in everything… why do SO many people die each month from viruses? This is a very good question.

The answer is: though terpenoids are very  powerful anti-virals, they only constitute about 0.1% of a plant’s dry weight. So in other words it’s a very small amount, and therefore not much help.

Birch Trees And Chaga Mushroom Are The Exception

But there is at least one exception to the rule.. And this is where the magic happens… It’s called a birch tree.  Birch trees actually have an affinity towards tri-terpenoids, and are capable of concentrating them in ver high amounts… They have the ability to accumulate 10-40% triterpenoids in their outer bark by dry weight. 

Furthermore, since Chaga Mushroom grows on the outer-bark, it is also a very concentrated source of the Betulinic Acid. Chaga Mushroom also is a great source of complex sugars called polysaccharides. These polysaccharides are known to be very beneficial for a weakened immune system. Through and through Chaga Mushroom is a MUST HAVE in our kitchen cabinets during the winter months.

Betulinic Acid Is A Broad-spectrum Antiviral

Now in this particular case, we are focusing on a triterpenoid called Betulinic Acid. Betulinic acid belongs to the group of compounds considered to be among the world’s most powerful Antivirals. Betulinic Acid has been tested against herpes virus, HIV, Echo6, Coronavirus, Influenza, Epstein Barr,… etc… and the results were significant in every case….

Betulinic Acid Blocks Coronavirus

There is still a lot of uncertainty in determining the exact mechanisms by which betulinic acid inhibits a virus. But right now most agree that essentially viral fusion is blocked.. this means the the virus can’t appropriately dock onto the host cell, so no conformational changes happen within the virus… and because there is no conformational change. the virus doesn’t effectively infect the host cell.

Don’t Forget About Vitamin C

We need Vitamin C for the efficiency and mobilization of our B cells and Interferon. B Cells are part of our immune system, and are responsible for making specific antibodies that fight infections. Once our Immune System has made anti bodies, then our ability to fight the infection goes up exponentially.

Furthermore Interferon interferes with a virus’s ability to replicate itself within us. In short, Vitamin C is a fundamental and crucial supplement for our ability to appropriately respond and overcome infections.

Special Note:

The recovery and fatality rate of COVID-19 may never actually be known. On April 7th, 2020 Dr. Deborah Birx announced that all individuals who died from any cause, while also testing positive for coronavirus are being categorized as COVID-19 fatalities.

This means that all individuals who died of natural causes, but also happen to be infected with a coronavirus are added to the COVID-19 death-toll. Therefore, because of this automatic categorization, all numbers associated COVID-19 are not reliable.



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