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Organic Vitamin C complex

A natural vitamin C complex can positively change your life.* Vitamin C  complex is crucial for the adrenal glands and the feeling of Energy. Our bodies use this Energy to protect our skin from sun damage, to protect our cells from viral attack, to protect our tissues from oxidative stress and to expedite the healing process body-wide.* A natural form of vitamin C from a whole food source is absolutely fundamental for vibrant health and enduring focus.

Benefits of organic vitamin C complex

Buffer chronic inflammation*

Support memory and focus*

Promote skin hydration*

Support skin elasticity*

Promote joint comfort and mobility*

Accelerating wound healing*

Supports chronic fatigue*

Fights viral infections*

Protects against photo aging of the skin*

Supports arteries, veins and capillaries*

Promotes systemic antioxidants*

The benefits could actually be endless*

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Weight 4 oz
Suggested Use Add Herbal C to your salad, yogurt, tea, your favorite beverage or smoothie.

Start with 1/4 tea spoon and build to your desired amount.

Origin Our Herbal C is a formula sources from the USA and South America
Ingredients Proprietary Herbal blend of:

Organic Rosehips

Organic Amla Berry

Organic Acerola Cherry

Precautions Stop taking if you notice symptoms of an allergic reaction.

What is Vitamin C complex?

Vitamin C complex is a natural source of all the vitamin C co-factors. In our body vitamin C works with potassium, copper, and flavonoids as a complex. In nature they are always found together, and we choose to leave it that way.

How much vitamin C is in it?

The vitamin C complex is natural, so the actual amount of vitamin C will change season to season. But at a minimum each serving contains 100% of the recommended daily value.*

 How does it compare to vitamin C extract (pure ascorbic acid?

Typical vitamin C supplements absorb into the body quickly, but are also excreted just as quickly. Natural vitamin C complex doesn’t absorb as fast, but it lives in the body far longer than standard supplements.

Can I combine Vitamin C complex with other vitamin C supplements?

Yes. The natural vitamin C complex will actually make the standard vitamin C supplement more potent.

What does it taste like?

It tastes like a sour skittle with no sugar.

How should I take it?

Straight down the hatch, and then finish with a cup of water. You can also make a nice tea with it, or add it to a refreshing fruit smoothing.

When is the best time to take it?

Anytime time of day is fine, as it is not a stimulant. Although you may feel more energized after taking it.*



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  1. mellowherbsforme

    This made me empty my bowels. I recommend starting slowly.

  2. existentiallyexisting

    Taking this is a daily ritual. I love the whole food concept, won’t have it any other way. Mixes easily with about everything. Tart as one might expect it to be, but, past the initial tart comes a depth of flavors straight from the earth. I do my body well, and so does this Vitamin C.

  3. walkertexasmaris

    I love the taste of this complex! Tastes like fruit and berries, and can be taken with water. I would recommend this product for young and elderly!

  4. cuteeealison

    Wow this is sour. You can tell its potent.

  5. joshlewis857

    Great product vimirth. Wow this will make your lips pucker.

  6. mikezigglow56

    A whole food Vitamin C is what nature had in mind. Good Product.

  7. elizabeth2point00

    My husband and I have been taking this every day and we rarely or never get sick ..even when there’s sickness all around us. When I feel like there’s something coming on, I’ll up my dose and it goes away fast or doesn’t even have a chance. Great Vitamin C!

  8. johnwilliams00

    My family uses this vitamin C for a immune boost. I was worried about heartburn using this product and was happy to not have any heartburn or any other problems with this product.

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