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Premium Agglomerated Collagen

Collagen strengthens and holds us together. Our body uses collagen to form muscles, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, skin, eyes, blood and more.*

Collagen Builds the most fundamental supporting tissues and communication networks of our body. Nearly everyone who adds collagen to their diet on a daily basis will physically ‘look’ and ‘feel’ healthier.*

Benefits of Agglomerated Collagen

Promote skin, hair and nail formation*

Support joint comfort and mobility*

Promote bone density*

Buffer rheumatic pain*

Promote accelerated wound healing

Promote muscle strength and endurance*

Support liver function*

Promote chemical waste elimination*

Support quality of sleep*

Promote digestive system integrity*

Support weight loss*

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16 oz

Suggested Use

Agglomerated Collagen is the most stable and versatile collagen to date. It easily mixes with soups, creams, teas, coffees, elixirs, cakes, pies, smoothies and more. For nutritional support, add 1 scoop or teaspoon to your favorite creation.


Our Agglomerated Collagen is sourced from pasture raised cows living in the beautiful German country side.


There is only 1 ingredient: Agglomerated Collagen.

No fillers, no preservatives, no man made chemicals of any kind.


There are no known precautions.

What is agglomerated collagen?

Agglomerated Collagen is a naturally re-structured collagen using water. 

How is agglomerated collagen made?

The collagen peptides are passed through a fine mist of purified water which binds to each collagen particle. This new particle then grabs onto more water and collagen and so forth. Eventually becoming naturally arranged microclusters of highly  bioavailable, ready-to-use and easy to mix collagen. We call this new structuring process Agglomeration.

What is the difference between Agglomerated and regular collagen.

A lot, but to keep it simple:  with agglomerated collagen you know you are getting the highest and purest grade of collagen possible. Also the ease-of-use and mixability is way better.

Is collagen a complete protein?

No, it is not a complete prtein. You still need  other protein sources in your diet.

When is the best time to take collagen?

Just before or after a workout, or at night before bed.

What does it taste like?

Agglomertated collagen literally has almost no taste, texture or color. 

How long does a bag last? 

For most, 1 bag is a month’s supply. But more serious athletes will go through a bag much faster.

Do I need to cycle agglomerated collagen?

No. agglomerated collagen is safe for daily use.

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  1. camronta

    This collagen is a different type of collagen. It pretty much mixes itself into any liquid, and of course no taste, smell, or textural sensations of any kind. Which is to be expected for a quality collagen. I give it five start for quality.

  2. anabanana

    I love this collagen!!! Thanks 😉

  3. drums4life

    You can literally put a scoop in anything and not taste it or feel it in the mouth. It’s pretty cool.

  4. billybobbones88

    My joints have improved ever since I started taking collagen. It does what people say about it. Excellent product.

  5. existentiallyexisting

    Ya know those photos you see of models in the sunlight, the golden shimmer of every strand, well, when I adopted this Collagen into routine I insta felt like a model in every mirror! Healthy hair is obvious. Tastes like milk or something close to it. My girlfriend(S) at random give me compliments on the lush smooth look of my skin, and those compliments are only found in times of this Agglomerated Collagen use. Not to mention price/weight/quality ratio is by far far far the best I’ve found. Thanks so much!

  6. justinhemmer

    By far the best collagen I have come across.

  7. mashathisway12

    This is the first collagen supplement I have use where I could actually tell a difference in my skin : ) Love it!

  8. samiamtheman

    Excellent collagen. This is a must for achy joints and muscle pain. I add a scoop before every gym session. thanks.

  9. ashlynlee

    My 2 favorite supplement are shilajit and this collagen. My mood and concentration has really bounced back and my skin has never looked better. xoxo


    I am a marathon runner. Collagen is a must! I try and sprinkle the powder on almost everything I eat. Especially just before a marathon, I increase the amount to reduce my soreness afterwards. #lifesaver

  11. donnasuew27

    I tried the Collagen for the first time a few months ago. It completely filled out my upper thigh cellulite areas! It was a great surprise!! (I turned 55) This product will be a daily routine for me.

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