Allergies And Our Gut

For allergies, the main point to focus on is ‘tolerance’. Tolerance is our body’s ability to withstand whatever allergens are in our environment. In short, when we can heal and support our gut health, our tolerance will gradually rise. 

If our gut immune system is irritated, then we will lose tolerance towards our outside environment. The most common reasons why tolerance has disappeared are: 

1) Long standing infections like candida.

2) A dysbiotic gut, which means our probiotics are not balanced.

3) Insufficient mucosa, which means that our digestive system is very weak.

4) Idiopathic allergies, which are present at birth and tend to be food items in the diet which aggravate our immune system. 

Allergies And Our Mucosa

A healthy mucosa is tantamount to a healthy gut wall and tolerant immune system.  We can support our mucosa by supplementing with 4 amino acids which have been show to stimulate our mucin secretion. The 4 amino acids are:

1) L-Threonine

2) L-Serien

3) L-Proline

4) L-Cysteine


Allergies And Natural Supplements

Shilajit Resin contains an active compound that supports our mucin secretion (4′‐methoxy‐6‐carbomethoxybiphenyl). Furthermore Shilajit helps build tolerance within the immune system itself by stabilizing Mast Cell membranes. These are our white blood cells which release histamine in our body, and cause many of our allergies.

Black Cumin Seed Oil is another excellent choice for allergies. Again it supports mucin formation, and helps regulate our immune response. Both shilait and Black cumin seed oil help increase our tolerance over time.

Propolis is a bee product that has been shown to reduce our IgE, IgA and IgG levels. These are the little guys that actually bind to whatever we are allergic to. With less of these little guys floating around, there’s less opportunity for a reaction. Ideally this means less severe allergic reactions. 

MegaMucosa is another great product for allergies. It combines the 4 amino acids shown above with a specific type of purified immunoglobulin. This combination helps blocks irritants in our digestive tract.

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