Serrapeptase Is The Single Best Enzyme For Indigestion


Serrapeptase is awesome beause of 3 Things:

1) It will be active in our body’s natural temperature range.

2) It will be active at our food’s natural pH level.

3) It will work on almost any food group we throw at it; such as animal foods, vegetables, nuts and seed.

serrapeptase benefits

Serrapeptase Can Digest All Food

It’s important to realize that most enzymes can’t work in a broad pH range. Almost all food we eat is going to fall between 3 and 7.5 on the pH scale. But.

This type of pH range is no problem for serrapeptase. It will work beautifully and quickly support our ability to digest our food. This means our stomach will empty much faster, and our experience with indigestion will almost vanish.


serrapeptase digest food

Serrapeptase Works better Than Pepsin

Pepsin is our main protein digestion enzyme. But sometimes our stomach can’t activate pepsin. This means of course we will experience indigestion. Pepsin needs a lot of stomach acid, or a low pH in order to work.

When we eat random foods with very different pH ranges, our stomach has a hard time making up the difference. 

This is where serrapeptase can greatly help us out. Because as mentioned above, the pH almost doesn’t matter concerning serrapepase. 

serrapeptase vs pepsin

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